Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Cause I'm a lone ranger,

I wanna cry all day & night,

I wanna bury myself,

in delight.....

Cause I'm a lone ranger,

I wanna forget I was ever born,

I wanna forget about the morn,

I want night,


the darkness,

always to remain....

*Written 2005


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Right back at ya (C.D)

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so.

1) Professor Me
2) Mon
3) BeckyBanton
4) CoolDestiny
5) BabyBlueLee

Next select five people to tag:
1) soory, dont know nu-baddy....

What were you doing 10 years ago?
In my 2nd Year at University doing my diploma, causing trouble and playing "Kalooki"

What were you doing 1 year ago? Stressing about work...

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. Gala apples
2. Trail mix
3. red seedless grapes
4. jello cheesecake snack cups
5. red wine?

Five songs you know all the words to:
1. Deport Dem-Sean Paul
2. You've got it all(Out on a limb)- The Jets
3. So sick-Ne Yo
4. Infiltrate - Sean Paul (CD should remember this one)
5. Making love (out of nothng at all)- Air Supply (Shout out Hans)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Resign, effecive immediately (US millions C.D. is a little easier to work with)
2. Buy my parents another house
3. Pay off their debts
4. Pay off my debts
5. Live my life to its fullest

Five bad habits:
1. Waiting till weekend to do everything
2. Over-resting through the weekend and effectively not getting anything done
3. After all that I'm a good girl!
4. Really, Im an angel
5. Ok, OK...I couldnt narrow them down to five. Maybe next time...

Five things you like doing:
1. Having Sex
2. Shopping for shoes, clothes, Just shopping
3. Chilling with BF (believe me we dont have a chance to do that often)
4. Watching TV (Sitcoms/Movies/ Reality shows)
5. Clowning and making people laugh too ...

Five things you would never wear again:
1. baby-doll dresses
2. "Jesus" sandals
3. baggy plaid shirts with Timbs
4. rope chains
5. Shocking Colour Nail Polish (yeah, I could do without that too)

Five favorite toys:
1. Swangz, you have the first one....
2. Laptop
3. Digital camera
4. remote control (to control the TV, you smutty people!)
5. cell phone, duh!!

Catch You!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Learning Chinese (the easy way)

I hope this puts a smile on your face and makes you laugh as hard as I did Learning Chinese the Easy Way!

1) That's not right: Sum Ting Wong
2) Are you harboring a fugitive?: Hu Yu Hai Ding
3) See me ASAP: Kum Hia Nao
4) Stupid man: Dum Fuk
5) Small horse: Tai Ni Po Ni
6) Did you go to the beach?: Wai Yu So Tan
7) I bumped into a coffee table: Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni
8) I think you need a face lift: Chin Tu Fat
9) It's very dark in here: Wao So Dim
10) I thought you were on a diet: Wai Yu Mun Ching
11) This is a tow away zone: No Pah King
12) Staying out of sight" Lei Ying Lo
13) He's cleaning his automobile : Wa Shing Ka
14) Your body odor is offensive : Yu Stin Ki Pu
15) Great: Fa Kin Su Pah


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Lonely Women's guide to boredom

Take 20 words and define* at will.

1. ackee- food that can't exist without saltfish, and bammy, and breadfruit and
yam and hard- dough bread from "Yummy"
2. aloe- word that refuses to be "a-l-o-n-e"!
3. bejeweled- the fervent wish to marry
4. benevolent- the emotion that follows bejeweled after realizing that one isn't
married and is immediately followed with thoughts or acts of
5. calculus- extended state of confusing thoughts
6. coconut- derivative of "loco" and "nut; crazy one
7. coffee- rejuvenation medicine
8. embodiment- shape couch takes after sitting on it for 4 or more hours
watching TV
9. euphony- talking on the phone
10. ginger- state when lonliness brings on the Gin
11. Jamaica- a home well missed
12. Kalamazoo- fantasy place where boredom doesn't exist
13. love- a noun meaning "state that doesn't exist"; fantasy
14. martyr- boring shows on tv
15. omnibus- traveling thought
16. ostentatious- tasteless display of infomercials
17. oxymoron- clearasil ads on tv
18. pitter patter- tears of boredom
19. supercalafragilisticespialidocious- EXTREME height of anxiety brought on by
20. synagogue- to sing along (annoyingly) to ads on tv

*hope you get it.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Ms. Placed Energy

I can remember the day well,
When mango blossoms turned to soot,
And the roasting fever like fire,
Took hold of all underfoot.

The air smelled putrid and corrupt,
And the pale-light forgot to show,
Through the blackest and darkest night yet,
Your shiny assassin all aglow.

His edges dulled my dark felt,
And the flames of our passion flare too far to sustain,
But please, regret not our intent,
Focus not, on the swet pain.

The pain of being with you, still a memory,
A bristled thorn in my mind and yet,
The chorus of friends, a euphony,
Singing of things we shouldn't forget,
Quickly soothes and then,
A drift net,
Up with me.

...written Fall 2002....


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Well, it has been one week, since the devastation of bedrock, or as we like to affectionately call, " Hurricane Wilma".

Changes have been made and recovery is making strides. The biggest change in people's mind though is the lessons learnt. Never take a Hurricane lightly. Alot of pepole took Katrina lightly because, well, it landed here as a category one, and compared to New Orleans, didnt phase us really. Most expected the same with the Babe from Bedrock. Oh , so , not the case. Would you even believe there are reports that it struck as a category one and not the horror of three as we all witnessed! How lame and sad. If true, that a cat one could have devastated us so....

Anywho's, I've made a deliberation to not discuss the merits of hurricane life anymore. Everyone is trying to dust off their flanks and pick up, start from stratch again. All personal efforts made recently to have a more civilised life (i.e. job hunting), well, has to be resurrected from the ground up again. Ahhh well. It is life after all, dealing with blow after blow,or more recently, puff after puff after huff after puff.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

In case you all need evidence...

...that i was speaking truth!!!

This was a nice , decent photo. Some places look as if a tornando, hurricane and a tsunami passed thru, all at the same time.

-kisses (and lots of hugs, we need them)

...barely made it!

"Huff, and Puff, and blow the house down..."

Well almost.

Wilma surely made it here to South, West and Central Florida, and fucked (excuse the language) us all up. You must wonder then, how I have the priveledge to post a blog, well, I'm one of the fortunate 30% in Broward county to have power returned. They say FPL (for those back-a-yard, they are our JPS) will restore all by 11/22. Thats depressing aint it!! I thank God daily.

Well, everyone seems to be without job, without money (if you didn't get cash before storm you fucked again), without gas (the lines long ,nuh raas), we're just without. Not to mention the devastation, alot of Florididans, truly didnt realise the damage a hurricane can do, and reality finally slapped them across the face. If you aint lucky enough (lucky ...right!!) to have the experience of Gilbert semi-fresh in your young memory , you will feel a little shocked, stunned, walking along the tree rubbish on the street , like a zombie. Fully amazed that you could be without power, and for the really unfortunate few, without water too. Imagine me telling a friend of mine, when telephone service resumed, that if you cant boil the water (since everybody has electric stove) put some bleach in it. Yuh should have heard the shock in di voice. "..nasty, that will taste terrible.."...Did I say something about zombie, enough said.

Hopefully more updates, on the "stupidity" later on.


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